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AI, Language Models, and Cancer Research: How do they interlink?

Afterwork Talk (in englischer Sprache)

Recently, artificial intelligence and language models such as ChatGPT have been actively influencing various aspects of our lives, including medical and life science research. These models are helping to interpret complex genomic data, which enhances our understanding of the causes of human cancer. This better understanding leads to the development of more effective treatments.
This talk will focus on the current landscape of using language models in human cancer research. We will cover topics such as precision medicine, predicting the consequences of different mutations, and the progression and severity of various cancer types. Additionally, we will discuss future directions, as well as the current challenges and limitations of these approaches, including data biases, model interpretability, and ethical considerations.
This event is aimed at adults who have a basic understanding of language models and their impact on daily life.

Neringa Jurenaite, Research Associate and Doctoral Candidate, ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig

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Photo: Neringa Jurenaite, Rafaela Aurelia Sjamsudin


28. Januar 2025


18h00 bis 19h30

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ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig